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How About A Better World By Design?


We’re inspired by good design.  It’s not just about the looks. Improve both the form and the function and you’ve got something worth talking about. “The details are not the details. They make the design.” Charles Eames Coming…

What Do You Call It When It Rains While The Sun Is Shining?


Linguistics analyzes human language. It’s interesting. Fundamentally, all human beings seem to produce language in essentially the same way. As MIT researcher Noam Chomsky pointed out, cats will not understand and produce a language with words.    …

Style Media Maven Eyes Umbrella Alternative

Insights, News

Last week we were recognized by Rhode Island magazine for our preoccupation with rain capes. Then, a few days ago we heard from a particular woman noted for her very particular style. It seems people are starting to…

Nice Cleverhood Reflektion at Trek World


This is pretty cool. Trek is a big bicycle company that started manufacturing frames in Waterloo, Wisconsin in 1976. The company now has 1,600 employees and more than 5,000 dealers in 75 countries. Richard Burke was a founder…

Rhode Island’s Best Rain Capes

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We really don’t mind if you think we’re quirky. We eat a lot of quahogs, built the first Quonset huts, and were settled by Quakers. We’re known as the Ocean State, which sounds vast and impressive.  But measuring…

Connecting with: “Handmade and Built to Last”

Insights, livable cities

We have a globally distributed customer base. As you can see here from our analysis, there’s a width swath of vegetation on this planet (global warming notwithstanding). Where there’s greenery, there’s rain, which gives you a broad sense…

Celebrating Bike and Chocolate Custard Month in NYC

Insights, livable cities

People usually think of May as National Chocolate Custard Month. But, conveniently, it’s also National Bike Month. While many of us will take this time to consider the wonders of chocolate puddings, the League of American Bicyclists is…

Ten Things We Learned Last Night at the 6th Annual Boston Bike Update

livable cities, Uncategorized

1) Mayor Walsh wants to make Boston one of the best cycling cities in the world in six years. 2) It’s a good thing Mayor Walsh has Boston Bikes Director Nicole Freedman on his team. 3) Boston is…

Performance Fashion: Utilitarian Couture

Insights, livable cities, News

The World Meteorological Agency is pushing for greater awareness of climate change with the hope that will lead to smart planning and better behaviors. If you’re like us, you probably spent World Meteorological Day singing weather songs and…

Keep a Weather Eye Out for Us this March

Insights, livable cities

We’ve got a number of cool, livable cities on our itinerary this March: Seattle, Vancouver, London, Toronto, Washington DC and others. It’s not a shabby line-up. We’re looking at three bike shows, a National conference, local shops, various…