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News: Lorenzo Martone Taps Cleverhood for Chic Reflective Shroud

Insights, News

Martone Cycling Co. (MCC), the fashion and design-driven bicycle brand founded by Lorenzo Martone, has added Cleverhood US-made rain capes to its popular line. Martone’s bicycles are made for city people who are seeking both beauty and performance…

Urban Adventure Guy’s Gift List

Livable Cities

“Adventure is worthwhile.” ~ Aesop Like Bear Grylls or Sir Ran Fiennes, Urban Adventure Guy thrives on adventure. He relies on his own resourcefulness. He pushes his limits. He’s undaunted by weather. But it’s the urban landscapes that…

Charmed by Providence’s Last Good Tooth


Last Good Tooth is a sweet, new band formed in Providence and backed by NY-based Team Love Records. It’s been written that “the band is stunning when it comes to melodies, at carving out a line with a…

A Livable City: Chicago-Style

Livable Cities

There are a number of ingredients that make up a Livable City. People respond well to jobs, education, culture and good health, for example. That attracts more artists, entrepreneurs and happier citizens. You’ll also notice that a Livable…

People Who Talk About Rain


Recently, the snappy Momentum Magazine of Vancouver ran a contest for people who love rain featuring a Cleverhood rain cape as the prize. Their conditions were simple: Tell us what you enjoy most about riding in the rain.…

Worldwide Form + Function Winners

Insights, News

Another delightful Design Milk photo contest is in the bag!  Quite possibly our most difficult selection process to date (there were lots of thought-provoking shots from all over the world). Things got just shy of ugly as our…

What’s up with Bike Sharing: An Infographic

Livable Cities

The beauty of bike share systems is the sneaky way they get people to act sustainably.  Before you know it, people are using bikes to get around their favorite cities. Pedal a few blocks and they tend to…

Working Wonders in NYC

Livable Cities

Perhaps it started in 1899 when cars were first allowed into Central Park. What a great spot that must’ve been for showing off your new internal combustion motor wagon. Ten years later things really got rolling. In 1909,…

Meet Urban Adventure Guy


Urban Adventure Guy is unpredictable and hard to track. On top of that, he’s prepared for any situation the city has to throw at him. His rain cape of choice? The Cleverhood Weetamoo Camoo, of course. Rain Room…

Vienna VeloStyle: Bikes Move Beyond the Sub-Culture

Insights, Livable Cities

This year’s Velo-city congress was the biggest and grandest ever with 1,400 attendees from 40 countries. They take bikes seriously but it couldn’t have been more fun and engaging. Vienna was our living laboratory. We all had bikes.…