Corduroy Seriously

 You may not realize your affinity for corduroy.  Until you stop and consider its smart look and comfortable virtues.  In fact, if denim is the fabric of the working man, then maybe its corduroy for the thinking man. 

They say it’s “the King’s cloth,” a proud fabric.  You can’t just brush up against someone in corduroy. No, there is an arresting lock when cords meet cords, which might explain its sense of “friendliness.” 

This month, in Manhattan at the Desmond Tutu Center, The Corduroy Appreciation Club is holding a very important gathering.  It’s on Nov. 11,the date that most resembles corduroy (11/11/11).  Three corduroy items are required.  There are whispers that Bill Murray or Wes Anderson may be recognized for their appreciation. 

It’s our waterproof raincape that’s caught their eye – the brown corduroy one, of course.  It’s slated for the fashion show.  No doubt there will be some interesting competition.  But nothing velvet, which is apparently corduroy’s evil twin. 

As the Financial Times said: “Corduroy is a funny thing.  People do get a bit serious about it.”

We’ll let you know how it goes.