There’s nothing kids love better than a rainy day. Always checking the meteorological charts, tracking low pressure systems and scanning the horizon for those heavy clouds, kids sure are fun-loving. It’s a universal experience that spans generations. I think we can all recall that special feeling when Mom shouted: “Get up sleepyhead. It’s raining today!”

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You know why kids love rain so much? Science. That includes nature, too, because of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules creating a nice place for frogs to eat mosquitos. There’s a connection you know. Kids have an affinity for exploration and learning all that stuff. They love the sweet smell of petrichor and the fact that their electronicals don’t operate in the wet environment. They’ll study rain drops, evaluating them for sound, velocity and taste. It’s why they’re always singing: “Rain, rain come today.” Kids are natural pluviophiles (rain lovers).

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Here’s a question you kids will appreciate: What is the optimal strategy for moving in the rain? Before you jump to any unscientific conclusions, you should know that this question of whether it is better to walk or run in the rain has perplexed physicists and other scientists for generations. You’ve run your own tests. But did you calculate the cosine of the angle between your path and the wind direction? You probably need more science.

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Thanks to Professor Franco Bocci, reporting in the European Journal of Physics, we have real calculations. “I found the problem is much more complicated,” Signore Bocci told the BBC News. What complicates it is your shape. The best strategy may be to run as fast as possible. However, it really depends on whether the rain is vertical or if the wind is behind you. Or if you’re riding a bike. Or invisible. Kids please download Prof. Bocci’s scientific paper and comment.

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Kids know that science and the environment are pretty great. They appreciate birds, trees, fresh air, and space satellites feeding their meteorological models. These kids love mushrooms, worms, and natural puddles. They talk about climate change, solar energy and windmills. They figure we got a good handle on warming oceans, rising tides and smart plans for their future. You gotta love kids’ bright optimism.

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Hey, you know what else kids love? Going back to school. Ha, ha. Just kidding. But you can bet they appreciate good craftsmanship and the benefits of local production. And it’s no coincidence that we’ve got new rain capes for clever kids and a convenient Going Back to School sale!

We’ve got Devo Yellow, Cielo Blue and making their grand debut: GoGo Green and Big Bug Blue. They have cool reflective stripes. There’s also the Electric Gingham, which makes a bright impression with its reflective grid. All Cleverkid ponchos are waterproof, with an adjustable hood and, in fine Cleverhood tradition, elastic thumb loops for bike riding in the rain. These beauties are made to last too, in nearby Fall River, Mass. Boys and girls welcome. There’s also a handy mesh bag to carry your cape on a sunny day (just in case).

Give us the once over and please take advantage of our 15% deal with code: Kidstyle. Feel free to ask us anything, we’ve read the book on rain (thanks to Cynthia Barnett).

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