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  • Birchy Handmade Leather Friendship Bracelet

    Wouldn’t it be nice if could share your dog’s appreciation of distinctive leather accessories? We got you covered. This Birchy wrist band features the handcrafted leatherwork, white crackle coating and brass fittings that match the Birchy Dog Collar. Available separately — or together in solidarity with your pal’s own Birchy.


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  • Birchy Handmade Leather Dog Collar

    We’ve collaborated with Rijck Leather of Providence to bring you this elegant, durable collar made by hand using traditional leather crafting techniques. Each Birchy collar is hand cut, 6oz steer hide, that’s distressed with white crackle coating. Each collar has its own unique character and a smooth finish that holds up to dirt and stains. Solid cast brass hardware adds a striking impression and the confidence you need in a great dog collar.

    Humans can get in on this distinctive style too. Matching handmade Birchy leather friendship bands are available for people who share an appreciation for craftsmanship with others. Made with the same materials and attention to detail as the Birchy dog collar.

    Dog Collars available in 3 sizes:

    SMALL: 12″-15″ necks

    MEDIUM: 16″-19″ necks

    LARGE: 20″-23″ necks


    Sale items not eligible for return or refund.

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  • Salty Pup Rope Bracelet

    Here’s the perfect complement to your dog’s Salty Pup collar or just your own personal accessory. This bracelet is a Harrison+Pike collaboration that reflects the distinctive nautical style of our Ocean State. Hand-crafted with traditional yacht-rigging and durable marine-grade aluminum shackle in Newport, Rhode Island.

    One size fits from 5” to 8” (12.7 to 20.3cm).


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  • Salty Pup Dog Collar

    Spring Special!

    The Salty Pup dog collar offers the distinctive nautical style of our Ocean State. Designed and constructed by Harrison+Pike of Newport, RI, this adjustable collar features traditional yacht-rigging techniques and durable seaworthy materials. Comfortable and adjustable with bright red 100% poly double-braided rope, it includes a marine-grade aluminum shackle for tags and leashes. It’s made to get wet and stand-up to tough conditions.

    The Salty Pup collar comes in two sizes to accomodate tiny dogs and big dogs. There’s S/M with a sailing slip knot that adjusts from 8″ to 13″ (20.3-33 cm). The L/XL fits 13″ to 22″ (33-59cm).

    Dog lovers note! Our Valentine’s special includes a matching Salty Pup nautical bracelet. You two lovebirds deserve it!

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